My Favourite Appendage

Yes, a tongue-in-cheek title.  I used to write however, only when I felt the iron was hot so to speak, when I felt that impassioned, or that there was something coursing through – when I felt myself “on”.  At these times I set down to write, of course, if I wasn’t simply enjoying myself and taking pleasure in the thoughts that were coursing through my head – a bystander as much as anything.  But because of this, because of the near sanctity, or because of the way that I elevated writing, I would sometimes write very little over long periods of time.  That’s only one part of it.

So back to the title.  These are just my thoughts, that if I am going to complete this book, it must become like an appendage to me, and the writing process itself perhaps should be made more mundane – something that I could easily move into, without a great barrier and without great affair.