Hi friends.  I know, a strange start to a post.  I feel good, and it’s strange to admit this.  How much easier it seems the words flow when I’m in some deep melancholy, when I’m turning over my thoughts.  But there’s a lightness to me at the moment.  I wonder if I should even write – I think this can hardly be the forum for it.  But I do – I do!  I wonder how much to reveal of myself, and I think I may come across as manic, simply for feeling good.  How often I choose to talk of suffering and despair – I feel in some way free in the moment.  Things are good!  I’d like to spread well wishes to everyone – even though I have no readers!

It’s not as if there’s nothing there – that my mind is vacant, but… I can’t describe it perhaps.  Why would I desire to write and turn to discourse when things are good?  I have a clean conscience and no longer need the outlet, or to hear myself think.  I can’t say what it is exactly.  I wouldn’t give it, no, but at the same time… well, maybe I should switch genres – light romance perhaps.  I can’t say.