Untitled 2017.06.28

June 28, 2017

I think to some degree I’m a dirty whore, a wretched whore beyond redemption. I don’t want your pity and wouldn’t ask for it – I’d despise it above all. I’m irredeemable and desire only to wallow in my own filth and stir about in my own mess, and then after, to move deeper and…

Can We Love Beyond “The Death of the Self”?

May 12, 2017

Is it possible to love someone without foisting upon them any static or fixed constructs?  Is it possible to love someone beyond all the inner change that they may experience?  What is it when we love someone, or have a profound fondness for someone, to the point where we might say that this love or…


May 10, 2017

I know, I’m sorry, every time it seems I come here I’m in some sort of crisis or suffering form some sort of malady.  I don’t know if I’ll write the book, write a book.  I think I’d like to, but then again, obligations and other aspects of “keeping on” seem to push themselves more…

Change to Site Design

February 13, 2017

I know this site has been a little stagnant recently.  I’ve been thinking of changing around the site’s design, and making it more visually appealing somehow.  I was thinking of including a calendar, which might allow me to track my progress a little better. I thought recently that there was something to being an entrepreneur…

I’ve Let My Writing Slide Recently

February 11, 2017

I feel I’ve let my writing slide recently.  A chapter of my life is coming to an end and I haven’t exactly been preoccupied, but I have I suppose been a little restless, and maybe a little nostalgic recently.  I thought recently on what it is to reach a new decade as one grows old…

Shaking off the Cobwebs

February 8, 2017

Sometimes I wonder if it’s better not to write, or if I always should try to get something down.  I sometimes think that if I can get two or three sentences, or if I can salvage even a small portion of a larger text, then maybe it will still be worth it.


February 7, 2017

Hi friends.  I know, a strange start to a post.  I feel good, and it’s strange to admit this.  How much easier it seems the words flow when I’m in some deep melancholy, when I’m turning over my thoughts.  But there’s a lightness to me at the moment.  I wonder if I should even write…


February 6, 2017

I wrote earlier that the book must become like an appendage to me – an appendage of mine – a real part of me.  It’s easy for me to write when suffering, when in distress; more difficult when I’m angry or upset; and most difficult of all when I feel a little dull and listless.  It’s…

Bad Prose

February 4, 2017

Do you ever experience, after having read some particularly bad prose – and here I know I’m setting myself up for a real jibing – that you sit down to write and are in someway contaminated as it were, that it sticks with you and that you somehow take on these elements.  I just read…

My Favourite Appendage

February 4, 2017

Yes, a tongue-in-cheek title.  I used to write however, only when I felt the iron was hot so to speak, when I felt that impassioned, or that there was something coursing through – when I felt myself “on”.  At these times I set down to write, of course, if I wasn’t simply enjoying myself and…